Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Days in the Red City

Today I went to shoot long rifles with my father down at the Bullet Hole range. I had an awesome time out there with him. I really think i'm starting to feel alot happier about this break now than before. I feel like alot happened today. Just, alot of things on my mind i've been writing down.

My friend Calynda is now in Tokyo. I wonder how she is doing. Hopefully she will survive. My friends in Shanghai have been doing well too. Today I talked with Frank, one of my good coworkers from Shanghai Digital. He is such a funny great guy.

I've been talking about what to do after college today with alot of people. I feel like I really want to go to New York City. I just feel like that would be a place I belong. Where all would you go if you could live anywhere in the world?

Hope your vacations are going well. New Years is coming up quickly.

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