Thursday, December 30, 2004

Today has been a really fun day. I went out with my father about town to hit up Best Buy. We looked at alot of cool electronics, and my dad decided he wanted to upgrade his reciever. That means I will get to inherit his old reciever and no longer will have to resort to only having one speaker ;P

Afterwards, we went to this really bizarre and cool cowboy store. My mom had recommended we go there. She was out to replace my raggedy 4 pocket banana republic coat. I did in fact end up discovering a really awesome black duster jacket. Its very cool, and very black. Anyways, I was really happy. This was one of the unusual concidences where my parents style and mine actually connect.

Anyways, afterwards I came home and chilled. I saw the movie patton on TV. That is a really great movie! I gotta respect war leadership like that. I've been having lots of pondering thoughts after a late night discussion with my friend Axton last night. We talked about the possibility of an opensource business, I'm not sure where it will go, but it has been really interesting to think about. In other ideas, I now really want to make a pair of shoes in addition to my jacket =)

When I get back to houston I want to peirce my ear. That will be fun.

My life feels like its coming together. I feel like i am understanding and being who I should be. I like my life this way.

I quit WOW today. How sad, all those hours of enjoyment. But I think I knew from the beginning that eventually it would have to stop. I'm really wondering now how my life will be when I return to Rice. Oh well, enjoy the days of freedom while I have them. I will undoubtably need them.

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