Saturday, January 01, 2005

Do you believe in fate?

I asked. "Why?" the young girl's words returned. I grinned at such a curious way to begin the new year . Meeting a new face from my very own city of Houston.

The girl I met introduced me to a new band called London After Midnight- they are quite good.

Today has been long after last nights work on my blog/website. I woke up at 1pm just to get shuffled out to the garage to help my father with his shelves he has been putting in the garage. I went out and gathered some groceries and picked up a new pair of black and red shoes. Tonight I had a new years dinner with my parents at the Golden Wok. I had Peiking Duck. It was quite good, but never as satisfying as the real thing from Beijing.

When I came back I worked on my coat prototype for most of the night till about new years. I had to slip stitch the collar for over an hour. At some point I ended up with a big ol champaign bottle in my hand. 2004 ended out well.

Anyways, my bed is looking nice, so i'm going to pass out. Have fun out there in the new times ahead.

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