Friday, January 14, 2005

More first days

Today was the first day for my other new classes. I had a buddhism and an accounting class. They look like they will be really great. There was only one annoying guy in my reli class, but thats not so bad. The only bad thing with my classes so far is not having books available. I guess I will just wait a week or so till I get more money. The sap on my funds from the IRS is still wearing on me.

Tonight was fun too. I watched the Good,Bad, and the Ugly. A really amazing movie --long-- but worth it (especially for the sound effects!). I just chilled back with some friends and smoked some hookah as we watched. Whats hookah you say?

What else. Oh yes, I found two more books ive been wanting to read for awhile. Neuromancer and Journey to the West. They are both starting out so well.

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