Thursday, January 06, 2005

Special Delivery and Ready To Go

Today has been a somewhat average day. I woke up, ready for my philanthropic mission to rid myself of all this extra Microsoft software that has filled my room back at home so pervasively. So, I get all dressed up, excited about going to see my old favorite computer science teacher from highschool. When I get there I find out she's not at school that day, doh. Oh well, after spending awhile at the office front trying to convince them that i'm not trying to sneak them into, they eventually deem my gift of 1000s of dollars of software, worthy. I'm going to call her later next week to make sure she gets it. Too bad she wasn't there.

After the debacle, I went to get the whole 15 point inspection for blackie. Change the filters, change the oil, change the air in my tires. The usual mess. I'm going to go home tomorrow morning. I look forward to Houston...

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