Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I just finished a phone call with the IRS! They were after me apparently for marking myself as a dependent *gasp* and now they want to tax my ass for every penny its worth. So after 2 hours on the line with 3 people from the IRS and a hell of number crunching I now owe our esteemed gov´t $307.03. Grr.

What else, well first day of classes got off to a rough start. I missed my first class because I was so sleepy. I was playing WoW all morning. I´m glad im doing something productive, even if it is in a virtual world. What else, oh yah, Jack returned. Everyone has been looking for him.

In other news, Cally arrived back from Tokyo the other day. Its been fun talking to her about her adventures in the far east. Its such an amazing place over in Asia.

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