Monday, February 07, 2005

Back to the grind

My room is looking so much cleaner finally. My desk is almost empty too. All part of my plan to slowly pack up my room over the semester so I can just walk on out of here. Its crazy, today I saw signs saying there was only 100 days left! Must live it up. Or try to anyways. Tomorrow I go to a job fair, and hopefully I will have some luck there. I still really want to find a job in NY. That is my ideal dream job. Shanghai would be great too =) Eh, I will have to work hard to find the job I really want though. Oh well. What else happened today? Hmm, I sent off WoW to Miri. Just trying to get back into the blog scene. Tomorrow alot is happening. I have jobfair, buddhism quiz, and shankars birthday. Hopefully all will go well.

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