Thursday, March 31, 2005


Today I found out that I can purchase the apartment at Parklane, I'm so excited, that place is so perfect. I was really lucky on the timing too. I was sitting in the lease office while other people were calling about the exact same place that I was looking at. Anyways, I have to get the paperwork in.. blah =/ But it should be all good.

Tonight is gonna be pretty rough though. The skynet team has a big project demo for tomorrow for this guy from Microsoft that is coming into our class. I'm sure it will go fine but ... its still some 15 hours away. So.. no sleep tonight. I really hope we'll be able to get Tequila working. OUr goal is to have players and bombs on the screen. I'm sure that will be at the very least interesting to look at. I just have a lot to don on the 3d view. So, its a busy night, but i'm looking forward to alot.

My friend Miriam is coming into town this weekend too.So hopefully some fun stuff will happen there. Anyways, i'm out.

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