Sunday, April 03, 2005

Numbers nightclub

(03:22:33) Daediius: theres something really special about the club Numbers
(03:22:45) Daediius: i've never seen a place that draws in so many diverse types
(03:23:18) Daediius: crackheads, cowboys, candy-goths, and corporates all dancing it up on the same floor
(03:23:36) Daediius: old young, pretty ugly.. normal and bizarre
(03:23:53) Daediius: all in one place..each just expressing who they are and trying to have fun
(03:24:25) Daediius: that is what dance should be

Los Romones - Soiuxie and the Banshees

- Erica -

Girl with big breasts

Steers, queers, and cowboys - song