Thursday, July 07, 2005

Picky P2P

Doomcoder: omg
Doomcoder: who uses 128 kbps
Daediius: heh
Doomcoder: do you know anyone who uses 128 kbps
Daediius: I don't think people even know what 128kbps is
Doomcoder: an MP3 quality
Daediius: just like.. mp3 ..oo
Daediius: download
Doomcoder: oh
Daediius: only people with refined ears as our own ;P
Doomcoder: i thought you said you didnt
Doomcoder: dude
Doomcoder: gnutella should ban 128 kbps
Daediius: lol
Doomcoder: and variable bitrate
Doomcoder: oh those are the worst
Daediius: "if we are going to be pirating music, at least make it good music" ;P
Doomcoder: yea
Doomcoder: lol
Daediius: that would actually be pretty sweet to see
Doomcoder: blog it
Doomcoder: lol
Daediius: dude, I put up a strange blog yesterday already ;P

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