Sunday, April 25, 2010

This Week's Recipe: What's new in Season!

  • Monday: Chicken dumplings and random vegetables soup
    Ever since last week, my stomach has been a rumble in cautious temptation of a suggestion from the wifeybird. Chicken broth made from chicken feet. Supposedly this is one of the soup makers best kept secrets. I figure a mix of dumpling and some old vegetables we could give new life would make a nice monday meal.

  • Tuesday: Asparagus + roast + Moroccan spices
    A timeless country pairing. We noticed some round of eye roasts on sale at HEB. Hopefully we can find some more intriguing meats to dress up.

  • Wednesday: Stuffed artichoke + fruit
    At last! Artichokes are in season. I've been dieing to try a stuffed artichoke recipe again. Ever since I worked at my last company and was treated to the fine artichoke cookings of wonderful Mew Orleans Italian woman, a certain hole in my appetite has always existed. Her artichokes were just so damn good! I look forward to how this turns out.

  • Thursday: Green beans w/walnuts + scallops w/ red peppers
    A meal made of quickly becoming classic entries at our homestead. The two tastes have no doubt of their nomlyness.

Monday, April 12, 2010

This Week's Recipe: The week of Duck Fat!

  1. Asparagus stirfried in duck fat + hamhocks +beans

    I've been dieing to try out this duck fat on something every since I heard the buzz about it from a New York Restaraunt "Duck Fat Fries" (an entire restaurant dedicated to the nomly art!). Figure might be worth it to try it on something small and vegetable to balance out the fat flavor. Aspargus are also in desperate need of eatings!

  2. Green beans + duckfat + walnuts + pork chops (coated in Lottie's mustard sauce)

    A classic dish by my wife. My walnut addiction goes back to one of my great uncles on my father's side who used to love them. I shall carry on the legacy with a pork pairing this week and a very special sauce I recommend you all try. I got hooked on Lottie's mustard sauce after visiting a local Firehouse Subs. I can't wait to see how the strong burn mustardy flavor turns out on a nice meaty p-chop!

  3. Collard greens + fajitas + red peppers

    Two of my favorite dishes. Julie has collard greens down perfectly these days and i've been dieing for some red pepper fajitas.

  4. Duck fat fries + cilantro aioli + and hamburgers on kaiser roll

    Definitely not a "quickfix" meal, but certainly the type of meal that can put to justice the duckfat we are trying out this week!Damnit, just realized from the recipe that this requires more duckfat than we have :/ grar, oh well, trying out the cilantro aioli will be a fun experiment and who doesn't love a good kaiser roll.

A Story Must Be Told!

Its been several year's since I wrote to this blog. Wow! How did I ever forget how good an idea this was. While working overtime tonight at work I started pondering on an age old question of "What makes life worthwhile." Its an question with a different answer for every person in the world. My current thoughts on this are "Life is meant to share creativity and tell the story of my experience in humanity!" Thus, I must write, damnit.

*points to self*



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