Sunday, April 25, 2010

This Week's Recipe: What's new in Season!

  • Monday: Chicken dumplings and random vegetables soup
    Ever since last week, my stomach has been a rumble in cautious temptation of a suggestion from the wifeybird. Chicken broth made from chicken feet. Supposedly this is one of the soup makers best kept secrets. I figure a mix of dumpling and some old vegetables we could give new life would make a nice monday meal.

  • Tuesday: Asparagus + roast + Moroccan spices
    A timeless country pairing. We noticed some round of eye roasts on sale at HEB. Hopefully we can find some more intriguing meats to dress up.

  • Wednesday: Stuffed artichoke + fruit
    At last! Artichokes are in season. I've been dieing to try a stuffed artichoke recipe again. Ever since I worked at my last company and was treated to the fine artichoke cookings of wonderful Mew Orleans Italian woman, a certain hole in my appetite has always existed. Her artichokes were just so damn good! I look forward to how this turns out.

  • Thursday: Green beans w/walnuts + scallops w/ red peppers
    A meal made of quickly becoming classic entries at our homestead. The two tastes have no doubt of their nomlyness.

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